MORE of the nation’s very biggest carp have fed – the standout catch being Angie Lawley recording the first 50 lb-plus carp from top day ticket venue Linear Fisheries. She did it in fine style with a 52 lb common carp.


The Avid-sponsored ace added four other fish up to 30 lb 8 oz using solid PVA bags cast to showing fish on the Oxfordshire complex’s Oxlease Lake.

In the bags, AV engineer Angie used Sonubaits Code-Red hook baits topped with plastic corn and the PVA bags were filled with Sonubaits S-Feed pellets.

Linear fisheries general manager Chris Blunt was thrilled the venue has produced its first 50 lb-plus giant.

Chris explained: “The fishery is doing really well. We have a big head of fish and they just seem to keep growing.

“We have a number of back-up 40s and there are just so many 20 and 30-pounders as well.”
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