ONE of the most sought-after and biggest carp in the country seems to favour the fairer sex if recent catches by female anglers are anything to go by!


St. Johns Lake, on the Oxfordshire’s Linear Fisheries day ticket complex, has just seen its biggest resident – an upper-40 heavily scaled mirror – visit the bank three times in less than two weeks, and each time it was to a woman angler.

Lyndsy Fisher (pictured below) is a regular at the venue and managed to bank the big mirror from St. Johns twice within the space of ten days, at weights of 48 lb 2 oz and 48 lb 10 oz, and it is a fish that she has caught previously a few years back as well.

LyndsayIn the summer she broke the record for the whole complex with she landed a 52 lb 14 oz common from Oxlease Lake– a record previously held by Avid’s Angie Lawley at 52 lb!

Birmingham, West Midlands-based Lyndsy said: “I will never forget this year as I’ve caught some absolutely stunning fish. I couldn’t stop shaking when I caught her at a new PB.”

Jade Jones (main picture), from Dudley, West Midlands, who banked the Big Plated carp at 47 lb 9 oz, enthused: “It was my first session on there and my first fish from the lake, and I’m still in shock and very happy.

“It is astonishing. It does make you wonder if it has something to do with pheromones.’

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