KAYAK fishing fan Dane Wood caught this stunning pike of 32 lb 14 oz while afloat at Pitsford Water in Northamptonshire.

Kayak fishing has caught on in recent years, and some impressive fish are being reported by enthusiasts like Dane.

The 31-year-old arboricultural instructor at Brampton Valley Training Ltd was kayak fishing at one the noted trout reservoirs in the east midlands that allows limited coarse fishing.

He explained: “Anglian Water is very supportive of kayak fishing and has opened up all it’s waters for us, albeit with tight regulations.”

Kayak fishing action at Pitsford.

Dane continued: “I hooked the fish whilst working the margins with a Rapala crank bait (lure), and at first I thought I was snagged, then the fish took a 50-yard run.

“I managed to get the first glimpse of the fish after about 20 minutes, and soon netted her after another run.

“Fish welfare is a huge topic at the moment so I was very keen to ensure the fish was on the bank for minimal time, and further rested prior to the strong release,” added Northampton-based Dan.

Dane is a member the Ocean Kayak UK Fishing Team and organises the Pitsford Kayak Grand Slam, a two-day event held on August 5 and 6.

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