ADAM RAWLINGS certainly knows how to extract big fish at long range from Rockford Lake, in Hampshire, and his latest 59 lb 6 oz giant is the heaviest carp reported for months.

The 32-year-old installation engineer giant set a lake record, a club record for Ringwood DAA, and it’s the biggest carp ever caught in Hampshire!

Adam, who has now caught 17 different 40s from the 55-acre pit since he started fishing it around 18 months or so ago, revealed: “I hadn’t fished there since September and it had hardly done a fish since then, with just a couple of the bigger ones coming out, but I decided to have a session with a mate of mine.

“I didn’t finish work until late so arrived at the lake at 10.30pm. One of the pegs that I really like and have fished quite a bit in the past was free, so I decided to set up there. I was up at first light and saw two fish show, plus I’d heard three during the night, and knew that if they were moving like then they should also be feeding.”

Long-range spots

Adam told Angler’s Mail: “I know this swim very well and most of the spots are at long range, usually at 187 yards, but I found a couple of new spots that weren’t there before, one of which was at 165 yards.

“I only found this spot as I decided to pull the rigs back when I wound in and could feel a nice area a bit closer than my normal one, so decided to put one rod on it over five kilos of 16 and 20 mm Sticky Baits Krill boilies.

Krill boilies were Adam's main bait.

Krill boilies were Adam’s main bait.


Adam continued: “That night at 1.30am I had three bleeps on the rod on the new spot and ran over to it, but nothing else happened so I sat down on my bed and was just thinking about going back to sleep when I bleeped twice and pulled out of the clip and I lifted into it.

“It was grating a lot, then I felt a couple of taps and as I pumped it in, it was collecting more and more weed.

“Weedbed coming towards me”

“After 20 minutes I could see a weedbed coming towards me and wasn’t sure what was in it, but could see a bit of colour so I put the rod down and pulled it all into the next by the leadcore and shouted to my mate next door that I had one.

“I didn’t know what was in the net and started to pull weed off of it and said that it was bigger than I thought, then it rolled over and I could see the scale and knew that it was Single Scale, and it was huge!

“The last time it had been out was back in May, and it was bigger than its previous top weight of 57 lb 4 oz when Darrell Peck had it back in 2013. I sat up all night after that!” added Adam, from Southampton.

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