JACOB WISE smashed his zander PB with this 14 lb 6 oz zed despite getting to the venue later than planned following a boozy game of skittles the night before.


Stonehouse, Gloucestershire-based Jacob had been trying for a double-figure zander for three years before getting lucky on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal

Jacob usually fishes from sunrise until about an hour or two after dark, and his later start this time had a slow session with just one other zander of 5 lb around midday.

“I used a small roach deadbait mounted on a wire trace tied to a simple free running ledger rig, fished out in the deeper water,” said Jacob.

“I baited the area throughout the day with maggots to try and attract and hold some bait fish in the area in an effort to attract the zander, and it seemed to have paid off,” added the 37-year-old electronics engineer

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