THE  fifth series of River Monsters started on Tuesday, January 7 and Jeremy Wade’s adventures are certain to pull in a huge audience of keen anglers and non-anglers alike. It’s prime-time viewing on ITV1 at  7.30pm.

Angler’s Mail is warming up to the series with a series of preview pix and today take a peek at the episode called Colombian Slasher (broadcast date January 14).

A honeymoon bride is dragged to her death in the Colombian Amazon. The most dangerous country in South America, Colombia is known for drugs, remote jungles and hostage-taking rebels.

Jeremy Wade’s investigation is turned on its head by a crucial piece of evidence. He concocts a farfetched hypothesis about the bride’s death and in proving it he uncovers a little known method of killing which reveals the true horror of this tragic story.

To complete the puzzle Wade pushes himself and his gear past the breaking point to understand what killed the bride in Colombia’s Rivers of Blood.

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Could this be the slasher of Colombia?

Could this be the slasher of Colombia?



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