TOP carp ace, writer and Sky TV fisherman Ian Chillcott, widely known as Chilly, is recovering at home after major surgery to remove a huge brain tumour.


Aldershot, Hampshire-based Ian Chillcott began to feel unwell earlier in the summer and the tumour was diagnosed in July. His surgery took place in early August at St. George’s Hospital in Tooting, South West London.

The 57-year-old former paratrooper, better known as ‘Chilly’, told Angler’s Mail: “I suddenly realised in June that the vision in my left eye was very blurred, and at Frimley Park, my local hospital, they said I had had a dozen strokes.

“A brain scan revealed the tumour the size of a tennis ball and I was referred onto St. George’s where top neuro-surgeon Mr Stapleton advised an op as soon as they had brought the brain swelling down.

“They initially thought that I would need radiotherapy to clear some of the tumour but because I was able to lie completely still for the whole 14 hours of the operation they managed to cut out all of it even though it was perilously close to several vital veins.

“The past few weeks have been nothing short of unbelievable!!  I have also arrived home, which is something like a fortnight before time,” added Chilly, seen below with one his big carp career’s many highlights.

Chilly now on the mend at home

Chilly continued: “All in all, it is because I am so pig-headed and stubborn that I just wanted to recover in a familiar environment, with my wife beside me.

“My walking and speech should never have returned, along with the ability to read and write, this quickly and I’m about four weeks ahead of schedule.

“Mr Stapleton, along with his brilliant crew at St George’s, were nothing short of astro biblical!!

“It is impossible not to feel so positive about my future that has been made so much more so by all of the wonderful comments I’ve received on-line.

“I had never intended to publicise it on Facebook but there were so many rumours around including that I was dead that I decided to put the record straight.

“I’ve had literally thousands of people send me messages of support in various ways, a lot through social media which has made a vast difference.

“I’d like to thank everyone so much, and, no-one really realises just how much their thoughts and words have meant to me, and of course the only way is up!

“My wife and I have always lead fairly insular lives and she has had a lot of medical issues with cancer and eyesight problems, and the response I have had has changed my whole outlook on the world.

“The bad news is that I’ve been told I won’t legally be able to drive for six months after the op and it will drive me mad not being able to pop down to a lake for that long, but I have already had over 300 offers to drive me to go fishing,” he added.

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