KEVIN NASH has got in touch with us with a humbling story. In case anyone has missed it, Kevin launched his first major book this Christmas, Memoirs of a Carp Fisher – The Demon Eye.  

His book has been massively well received and is set to be a classic.  To promote the book 10 Golden Tickets have been put up to fish Kev’s stunning Church Lake.

The first ticket winner, Mick Richards, couldn’t believe his luck when he won. In fact, that is literally the case.  Friends were texting and phoning to congratulate him, and he thought it was a wind up as he later told Kevin that he had never won anything in his life and it was a dream come true.

Now Kevin informs us that Mick has asked if he can give his ticket up in favour of his friend who has terminal cancer.

Kev said : ‘Isn’t this a great story that humbles you. Our wonderful sport of carp fishing can bring so much comradeship as well as moments of happiness.’

There are still eight Golden Tickets up for grabs for a 5 day session on Kevin Nash’s legendary Church Lake. All carpers who buy Kevin’s book, Memoirs of a Carp Fisher The Demon Eye at the following shows will be put into a draw the day after each show, and the lucky winner will be on his or her way to the Church in July 2013.

In addition there will be a super draw for three Golden Tickets on Monday 25th March 2013 for all those who purchased a copy of The Demon Eye by telephoning the office on 01702 233 232 or via the website

The remaining shows are:

British carp and Angling Show (Norfolk) 19 – 20th January.

Brentwood Carp Show26th – 27th January.

The Big One 23 – 24th February.

Carpin-On – 5 Lakes 2nd – 3rd March.

The Northern Angling Show – 23rd – 24th March.

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