BIG zander were on the feed on rivers across the country - and pick of the bunch was a 16 lb 8 oz monster to big fish legend Neville Fickling.

The Zander Anglers Club founder and former British pike record holder tackled the River Trent where he’s been aiming for a fish like this for over a decade.

Neville, 62, from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, who owns Lucebaits and the Tackle Shop, beat his previous best that he caught nearly 30 years ago.

He explained: “I’ve been fishing the Trent for about ten years now, not because it is a particularly good zander water, but because the Severn and Fens are a nightmare to get to by road these days.

“My previous best zander of 15 lb 15 oz was caught in 1986, and over ten years of Trent zander fishing I’ve had a few double-figure fish to 11 lb, but the bigger ones have avoided me.

Neville tempted it on a 5 in. roach deadbait cast 30 yards out into 15 ft of water and anchored in place with a 6 oz Grippa lead.

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