SCOTT HAMILTON set a new PB chub with this monster early season specimen of 7 lb 10 oz from his local River Lea.

The 39-year-old support analyst from Hertfordshire said: “My old chub PB was 7lb 1oz and as that’s a fish of a lifetime, I never dreamt of bettering it.

“Nothing else was caught on the trip but I had a cormorant dive in my swim twice so hardly surprising.

“I only fished until late morning as it became too hot. It was caught on a very simple leger rig on a size 8 hook to a small section of uncoated braid. The boilie was a home-made test bait I’m trying.

“I first thought it was a barbel as it made the cover of some streamer weed. I went in after it and manage to spook it out into open water.

“That was then that the chub showed itself and my heart stopped for a second. I couldn’t believe the size,” he added.

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