EXPERT river pike angler Nathan Edgell has banked his fourth flowing water 30 in as many years – in another bizarre catch!


As we exclusively revealed, Nathan chinned out a 21 lb river snapped after it had grabbed a 2 lb jack across the middle.

Now the taxi driver, from Dorchester, Dorset, took his latest 33 lb 2 oz giant pike by fair means – but a 19-pounder swam into his 42 inch at the same time!

Nathan explained: “The circumstances were a little different this time but once again it was an experience which just epitomises why I absolutely love river piking.

“It was my birthday and after working all night I arrived home to some lovely gifts from my wife and children. By 8.30am they had left so I had a choice, sleep or fishing?

“No contest there then, so I loaded up the car and headed off to the river feeling positive as it was my birthday and the river was falling which is the optimum time.”

All-out lure fishing attack

He continued: “Due to being tired I decided to just go with lures.The first hour was unproductive until I reached a large slack area. I cast the lure out with an underarm chuck and just I lifted the lure out I saw a large tail pattern turn and disappear followed by a large double boil in the water which is always an indicator of a good fish.

“So I cast two rod lengths out and within a few cranks of the reel I saw this huge river pike engulf the lure then all hell broke loose and it was almost like being attached to a steam train.

“She made surging runs, tail walks and leaving the river twice but eventually I had her under control and subdued near the bank but as I reached for the net I noticed something that made me look twice. Looking into the river I thought I could see two heads and then one disappeared and I saw another pike cruise underneath the big one very slowly.

“I lowered my net and guided her in, and once enough over I thrust the net upwards as quickly as I could and imagine my surprise and complete disbelief as I looked down to find not one but two large river pike!

“I then tried lifting the net out of the river and I struggled, and was shaking with over 50 lb of pike in the net .”

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