THE biggest pike of the season has been landed – but the fishery owner thinks the super snapper could potentially threaten the 46 lb 13 oz British record.

Fisheries management student Jake Finnigan boated the giant from North Yorkshire’s Wykeham Lakes near Scarborough during a cheeky hour after he finished a day on his work experience duties.

It was weighed on a set of digital scales with a reading between 40 lb 3 oz and 39 lb 15 oz but Jake was so chuffed he was very happy to settle for the lower weight as his new personal best.

Now fishery manager Mike Heelis thinks with the right management the fish could pack on weight to maybe get near or over the current record from trout water Llandegfedd Reservoir in Wales way back in 1992.

For the full story from Mike and Jake, plus stunning catch picture, check out this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine out November 30.