GRANDMOTHER Jane Moor proved the fairer sex is just as good at specimen fishing when she tempted one of the best canal pike ever.

Jane took the spawned-out 28 lb 9 oz giant from her local Exeter Canal from the same swim she’d caught a 21 lb pike two weeks previously.

And the 48-year-old from Exeter, Devon, had got the local spessy anglers talking two summers ago when she took eels of 8 lb and 6 lb 8 oz from the same venue.

In-form venue

Jane explained: “Some of the local anglers are saying they’ve never known such good catches from the Exeter Canal ever.

“One guy said he’d been fishing for eels for past ten years and only ever got up to 3 lb 8oz.

“The local fishing tackle shop couldn’t believe it and now they’ve got my photos on their photo board.

“For the big pike I’d fished all day without a bite until about an hour to go. I had a bit of weed on the line and flicked it off and the fish grabbed my deadbait.

“Then oh my god, the pike went mental. I never dreamt I’d get a pike this big. I got it in the net but couldn’t lift it and a guy walking past ready to carp fish helped me get it on the mat and helped weigh it.

“I get laughed at so many times cause I seem to be the only girl on canal fishing but now I’m laughing,” she added.

Jane offered a sardine with size 6 treble hooks, a 28 lb wire trace and 15 lb main line.

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