NICOLAE SUHAN didn’t weigh this absolutely stunning barbel as it was below his PB but it would still have been well into double-figures.

The huge barbel fell to 32-year-old supervisor Nicholae when he made the long trip to Nottinghamshire’s River Trent.

The trip didn’t just give him the one huge barbel as he added six others plus 13 bream.

Sudbury Suffolk-based Nicolae explained: “It’s a 262-mile round trip so no chance of prebaiting.

“After work, my first job was to pick up my daughter and wife. Then, after nearly three hours of hitting the road, we arrived to our chosen swim.

“The current was strong so I sprayed some boilies 20 meters upstream to let them roll over my rigs but I was unhappy with the baiting.”

Huge barbel after soil trick tried

Nicolae explained the ruse that resulted in the huge barbel and other fish coming his way.

He told Angler’s Mail: “An old trick I learned from my dad when I was fishing in Romania on big rivers was to find a couple mole hills.

“I collected a half bucket of ground soil.  I mixed it with 2 kg of Quest Baits boilies plus one kilo of sweetcorn. This was rolled into orange size balls, and I delivered 20 balls.

“I then had regular action and only managed a couple hours of sleep in 48 hours,” he added.

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