COLIN DOUGLAS is having a brilliant year and capped it off with this PB 18 lb 1 oz barbel from Nottinghamshire’s River Trent.

The 41-year-old full-time single dad from Hawick, Scottish Borders explained: “I grew up near Cambridge so often travel down the country to fish and see my friends.

“It has been an incredible year as I’ve caught a UK PB 57 lb 4 oz carp and a zander of 73 cm which I didn’t weigh it as I forget scales, and now this barbel.

“I will hopefully visit the area again soon to see if any more big barbel are about I just hope I don’t catch this one again as once is enough for such a majestic fish.

“I chose my swim after seeing a few good barbel top in the swim.

“I introduced halved 18mm boilies and trout pellets and fished a small PVA bag of crushed boilies and pellets with a small dumbbell hookbaits.

“I fished these in a deeper stretch in the middle of the river where I had seen the fish.

18 lb barbel  first… then four more big ‘uns

Colin continued: “In the early hours of the morning my old 2.5 lb test curve carp rod was pulled round and I hooked what I thought was a carp as it didn’t run like a regular barbel.

“Upon netting it I realised what a special fish I’d landed (18 lb 1 oz). It was my first double-figure barbel.

“I was also fortunate enough to keep the barbel in my swim and kept feeding in the boilies I was using.

“This helped me catch a further four barbel including two 13-pounders and a 12 as well as a few chub in the two days I was there. It made the really long drive worth it.

“My best friend is Paul Rudd who owns a bait company called Denham Baits and it was his Kranberry Enzyme boilies that I used to catch these fish.

“Tackle was a home made 5 oz gripper lead fished on a lead clip so the lead dropped when the fished weeded me up,” he concluded.

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