SIMON KENNY proved lightning can strike twice by taking a second astonishing haul of mega carp - and this giant grass carp.

The new Horton Church Lake member returned to the famous Berkshire venue.

But he couldn’t get back into the same Plateau swim where he’s taken 13 big carp including a four 40s plus a PB 52 lb 14 oz giant two weeks ago.

So Simon blanked for three nights before getting the Plateau swim.

Then he ended with another 13 fish including carp of 48 lb 4 oz, 42 lb 8 oz, 42 lb 6 oz, 42 lb plus a bonus 41 lb 6 oz grass carp.

Horton giant Hercules at 48 lb 4 oz to Simon Kenny.

Horton giant Hercules at 48 lb 4 oz to Simon Kenny.

The 34-year-old welder, from Rickinghall, Norfolk, said: “I ended up doing three nights in the ‘1up swim’ and although I didn’t catch anything it was blatantly obvious that the wind had done its job and the Plateau had fish all over it.

“As you can imagine after my previous massive hit I was very keen to drop back in.

“The lad who was in there was off to work Wednesday morning so I decided it was worth dropping in for the last night of my trip.

“Tuesday evening I sorted my gear out and tied and baited some rigs so I could get the rods straight out I felt sure there was a chance of a bite that morning.”

Horton giants come quickly

Simon was soon into action at Horton when he moved into that Plateau hotspot.

He told Angler’s Mail: “As soon as the swim was mine one of the rods just tore off I couldn’t believe it baits hadn’t even been out half an hour.

“I had managed to rearrange some work I had on so it would allow me to stay fishing for the rest of the week. This turned out to be a very good move.

“When I had my 13 fish hit out of Horton a couple of weeks ago I truly thought that it was a one-off and I’d never repeat it again but amazingly I’d had yet another 13 fish with five of them over 40 lb.

“Horton Church Lake really is an amazing place and it had blessed me yet again 13 might be unlucky for some but not for me lately,” added Simon.

Successful tactic again was Sticky Baits Manilla boilies fished at 45 yards over Spombed bait.

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