CATCHES of big British carp don't come much better than this one...

Horton Church Lake in Berkshire was where Simon Kenny recorded one of the best hauls of specimen carp of all-time.

The pressured 15 acre syndicate venue, now run by RK Leisure, is considered a tough venue but Simon took 13 specimen carp in the four day trip.

The catch included a PB 52 lb 14 oz giant, four 40s, five 30s and three 20s at he took Horton Church Lake apart…

In order he caught Bungle at 26 lb, Zippo 30 lb 10 oz, Roger The Dodger at 49 lb 6 oz, Dave 34 lb 12 oz, Reggie 28 lb 6 oz, Lesters 45 lb 2 oz, Scar 48 lb 4 oz, Groucho 31 lb 14 oz, Single Scale 27 lb 2 oz, Guzzler 42 lb oz, Trouble 30 lb 6 oz, Fingers 52 lb 14 oz and Gizmo 35 lb 12 oz.

The 34-year-old from Rickinghall, Norfolk, said: “This is my first season on Horton and it had started very slowly.

“It seems this year we where about a month behind with the weather but a few days prior to my session they’d been plenty of sunshine and it finally felt like spring was on the way.

“To my surprise when I reached Horton the usually busy car park had a few more spaces than usual so I was hopeful I would be able to get on some fish and as I walked down one stuck its head out on the Plateau swim.

“The lad who was set up in there was off in a bit and what’s more no one had bucketed the swim. So down went my bucket.”

Horton Plateau yields big rewards

Simon continued: “Once I got in the swim I decided to watch the water for a bit and try and work out the main area where the fish where showing it soon became apparent that they where mainly towards the left-hand side of the plateau.

“A quick lead about revealed 7 ft ish of water and plenty of silk weed so I just lengthened the boom on my rigs slightly.

“Both rods went out to the main area of activity and five large Spombs of chopped Sticky Bait Manilla at 45 yards.

“I couldn’t help but feel confident I knew this was my chance of catch my first Horton carp but never in my wildest dream did I expect what was about to unfold.

“For the first three days I was getting bites or liners non-stop before they drifted off.

“It was truly an incredible session fish and what happened I will never forget or repeat,” he concluded.

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