HOLLAND fishing trips used to be popular for many British bag-up anglers - but it's maybe time for specimen hunters to take a trip there now.

Holland fishing fan Mark Adams also showed river anglers they could still catch if they get a ferry across the North Sea. He made an astonishing haul of big springtime roach… from a big river.

Englishman Mark, who is now based in Brussels, Belgium, visited the River Waal in the Netherlands with pal Mateusz Baran. They shared at least 25 roach over 2 lb.

The best fish was 4 lb giant to Mateusz and a 3 lb 10 oz stunner to Mark as they enjoyed two top trips.

Mark, originally from Derby, loves Holland fishing, explained: “The first trip was in tough, windy conditions but I had a fabulous 3 lb 10 oz roach plus three others over 2 lb so we returned to tap the potential in stiller, warmer conditions.

“Fishing groundbait feeder and maggots at distance both of us had catches in excess of 60 lb on the second trip.

“My best nine roach weighed at a combined 24 lb and all were over 2 lb 8 oz and in total I had 34 roach for 54 lb plus a bonus 6 lb bream.

“The best fish fell to Mateusz at an incredible 4 lb. It really was a roach session of a lifetime – probably 25 roach over 2 lb between us – we only weighed the really big ones,” added Mark.

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