ONE of Britain’s best specimen anglers and authors, Tony Miles, has sadly passed away – and he was fishing at the time.

Coventry, West Midlands-based Tony Miles died doing something he loved best as he was on his beloved Great Ouse.

Pal Stewart Harris was fishing nearby when Tony’s body was found.

Stewart revealed: “What a horrible, horrible night. I’ve always lived by the premise that a bad day’s fishing is always better than a good day at work, after last night I know that just isn’t true.

“RIP Tony Miles, you’ve always been such a great inspiration to me over the years through your writing and I feel honoured to have known you.

“I wish I had popped down to say hello when I saw your van now but never in my worse nightmares did I think it would be for the final time.

“Many thanks to James and Rob and all of the ambulance crews who did all they could to save him.

“A huge, huge loss to angling, my thoughts go out to Tony’s family and those who were closest to him.

“Rest in peace old fella – I’ll be back down to catch one for you once I’ve got my head together.”

Tony Miles’ books included Elite Barbel, Quest for Barbel, The Complete Specimen Hunter, and My Way with Chub plus had his first science fiction book published last year – Lost On Xanus.

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