ACE river piker Nathan Edgell has notched his THIRD 30 lb-plus predator – and they’ve all been from flowing waters.


Dorchester, Dorset-based Nathan, 41, kick started his autumn campaign with a 30 lb 12 oz snapper from a local water and follows fish of 34 lb 10 oz and 31 lb 10 oz.

Nathan explained: “She was a right old game to catch. I first lost her on a lure and was absolutely devastated when she cleared the river and with one almighty head-shake threw the hooks.

“The following few days saw me target the quiet river bend with a 30Plus 9 ft Stalky rod with a simple float set-up and some dead roach. “After three agonising short sessions I eventually had her on the bank.

“One river 30 is an achievement so I feel very blessed to have had three because river pike this big are rare fish indeed.

“The natural environment of rivers are a very harsh place and the real stars are the pike themselves who have had to survive floods, droughts, predation in numerous forms and have got to be over the magic 30 lb barrier on solely wild fish alone, now that is remarkable.

“To have caught three of these awesome river monsters which include my own personal best in less than two years has been an incredible achievement and one that I’m extremely proud of.

“With lots of pike anglers heading off to reservoirs with the ever more exclusive ‘golden tickets’ it might be worth not ignoring our rivers and having a go for some of our truly wild stunning river pike,” he added.

Nathan writes a blog on his river piking – catch him at

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