JOE FROGGETT found the water temperature up a degree to 6.3 Celsius overnight.... and the rise helped him tempt this 3 lb 1 oz roach.

Joe was on the Christchurch AC stretch of the Hampshire Avon at Winkton and the big roach came in a good mixed bag.

Ferndown, Dorset-based Joe told Angler’s Mail: “The water was still up and coloured, but with the temperature climbing I fancied it for a few fish.

“I fished liquidised bread and bread punch, using a new stick float I made at the weekend.

“I caught a nice chub and a few chunky dace, when a good friend arrived, just to check out a few swims.

“We had a bit of banter, and just before he left, he said ‘come on, show me how to catch a big roach’.

“I cast out, and just before the end of the trot, the float dipped and I landed my best roach since October 2017, at exactly 2 lb.

“Half an hour later I had another of 1 lb 8 oz. Shortly after that, I lost a much bigger fish, and went 20 minutes without a bite.

“An angler walking past on his way home then enquired if I had caught much.

“My float buried, and I knew it was a good roach when the rod started nodding.

“When I drew it over the rim of the net I started shaking. The other angler said it was the biggest roach he had ever seen.

“Still shaking, we weighed it together. It went 3 lb 1 oz.

“I double-checked the reading. It was like a bar of silver, and I don’t think it had ever seen a hook.

“One of my best friends, Colin McDonagh, a very good fisherman, recently passed away after a long illness. I would like to dedicate my roach to his memory.”

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