PAUL BENNETT made the most of the end of Grenville Lake's unique 2017-18 fishing season... by landing this venue record 59 lb 1 oz mirror carp.

The 53-year-old fisheries officer makes a long journey to Grenville Lake in Cambridgeshire from his home in Cheshire.

He explained: “Making the 150 mile trip down the A1 to spend the last five nights of the season on the lake of dreams, I never expected the events that were to unfold.

“I’d made a few phone calls to members on the lake, and was hoping to get a spot on one of my favourite swims so planed to arrive early doors

“As I drove down the track it became apparent that my efforts had been rewarded, I was indeed first in the queue. Although, it wasn’t long before another member pulled up behind me and then the waiting game began…

“After much deliberation between peg 17 or 12, and several flips of a 50 pence piece, I decided on peg 12.”

Paul’s approach at Grenville Lake

Once in swim 12 at Grenville Lake, Paul was quick to work out his plan of attack.

He explained: “I  deposited 5 kilo of Mainline hybrid and Essential Cell boilies at range.

“Having spoken to other members, it was clear that there had been lots of fish showing well in the margins with one or two being caught.

“As my session commenced it was two rods long and one short, this changed quickly as a small group of carp drifted past me in the margins, so it was two rods short and one long.

“I quickly catapulted out three pouches of boilies and chops over each rod, which were baited with my usual Mainline pop-ups on my ever faithful combi multi rigs and hand sharpened size 6 hooks.

“Later while cooking home-made burgers from my daughter, I received a single bleep on my right hand rod which then melted away with a full-blown take.”

Grenville Lake giant powers off

Paul continued: “It soon became apparent that I was attached to decent fish as it took 30 yards of line off a tight clutch and powered off down the margin.

“As I struggled to put the breaks on, this continued for what seemed like an age.

“After several more powerful runs in the deep margin it finally rolled, I knew that this was a good fish possibly a 40 I thought.

“Once I got the fish in the net, I was able to take a better look and soon realised how big it actually was.

“And it was confirmed that not only had I hit a new UK PB but I’d also smashed the lake record out of sight.

“I went on to net a further four others to 37 lb 15 oz – what a way to draw the curtain on another incredible season on the lake of dreams,” he added.

Grenville Lake is run on a family-friendly syndicate basis, with an open waiting list on its website. It operates a different season to most other venues, with a mid-May to mid-July ‘close season’.

The venue controllers describe it as “a mature, windswept 72 acre gravel pit in the heart of rural Cambridgeshire. Depths of up to 38 ft hide an extraordinary stock of very large carp.”

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