ONE of the best catches of bream of the season has fallen to an angler combining carp and bream fishing at a low-stock club water.

John Merritt has landed bream of 15 lb 9 oz and 15 lb 7 oz from the 40-acre gravel pit in Surrey in recent weeks.

Fishing at over 100 yards to gravel bars, he has put down beds of hemp with five different sizes and types of pellets and 10 mm and 14 mm boilies, whole and crushed, and also landed three carp to 31 lb 8 oz.

John was using 10 lb fluorocarbon hooklinks, size 10 hooks and small balanced hook baits.

The former Daiwa Dorking matchman from Carshalton, Surrey, explained: ‘I am fishing for bites, whether tench, bream or carp, and because of the nature of the venue and the range I am fishing I feel I cannot fish any lighter than I am.’

For more on this story, and for John’s carp picture, nab a copy of this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.