THIS grayling could enter lists as a new World record... despite being below the British record weight!

Brit abroad Rich Hart returned to England to take this fine 3 lb 2 oz grayling from the west country.

He caught it from then River Frome on John Alpin’s stretch Casterbridge Fisheries.

Rich, who now lives in Florida, is putting an official record submission for All Tackle Length record with the International Game Fishing Association for the 51 cm fish.

The biggest grayling ever from British waters, on rod and line, is officially 4 lb 4 oz 8 dr in 2009 to Paul Mildren on a ‘Wessex river’.

Despite being a popular species with coarse anglers during the colder months, it is a game fish. And it is listed on Britain’s game fish record list.

Rich is no stranger to claiming for a world record in a category which many UK anglers will not know even exist.

He has clocked up more than 110 world records on the fly, on various breaking strain fly tippets, and length records.

Rich used a Alex Jardine Grayling Special for the latest history-maker.

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