CHECK out this giant grayling - not from a southern chalkstream but a rare prize from a northern club water.

Leeds DASA vice president Dave Rushton has been trying to catch a 2 lb grayling since November.

He  was chuffed to finally achieve his target with this 2 lb 15 oz specimen from their own stretch of the River Wharfe.

Dave, 58, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire, said: “My target was a two-pounder but this was a bonus.

“It was caught on my old faithful Abu 506 (closed face reel) and Dave Thomas 1982 13 ft float rod with 3 lb line direct to a size 18 hook.

“When the levels are right I’ve been getting up to 25 fish in a session by roving and fishing ten swims or so.

“I’ve had grayling up to 1 lb 8 oz and knew there were some bigger fish in there, it was just a matter of putting the sessions in and hoping the big one would eventually beat the others to the bait.

“On this session the river was spot on and I had four grayling in the first half dozen casts.

“When the float went under for the fifth time and I struck into it I got that dull thud feeling that you associate with a good fish.

“It immediately came up to the top and when I saw it was a big grayling and not a trout my heart started pounding.

“The little man on my shoulder immediately told me I was going to lose it.

“It shot off downstream and then out into the fast water.

“It was then back in the edge trying to get into the bank side vegetation.

“Five minutes of heart-pounding, perhaps over-cautious nervous playing of the fish, it was on the bank,” added Dave.

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