SCHOOLGIRL Lois Chilvers caught one of the biggest goldfish in the country at 5 lb 4 oz – and added a 4 lb 5 oz beauty as well.


The ten-year-old from Barking, Essex, was on a family trip to Chase Lakes in Dagenham when she matted the two brightly-coloured giants.

Dad Gary explained: “Me and a friend took our kids for an overnight session and had a good load of fish including a PB mirror carp for me at 31 lb, a PB mirror carp for my friend at 25 lb and the two massive PB goldfish for Lois.

“Needless to say we’re still smiling from ear-to-ear.

“Both goldfish were caught on Spam over pellet and the rig was size 10 hair rig hook to nylon tied to a small swivel with a stopper bead and a 10 g pear lead.

“Lois Chilvers tied and cast the rig straight out around 40 ft then catapulted small pellet over the top every half hour or so.

“We didn’t know these fish were in there before and as she caught the first one the bailiff come round to collect ticket money and he looked just as shocked,” he added.

Lois’s goldfish aren’t the first to hit the headlines as Surrey schoolboy Nick Richards caught a 5 lb goldfish in 2010 from a Dorset lake.

Nick was interviewed for CNN news in the USA and got column inches as far away as Australia as well as all over the UK media.

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