GOLDEN ORFE are the most colourful fish in a number of commercial stillwaters. But few anglers have caught one, let alone two, of this immense size!

Daniel Teuma smashed his PB golden orfe twice in a session with beauties of 7 lb 8 oz (pictured above) and 7 lb 10 oz (pictured below).

The Epsom-based 40-year-old used a crumb feeder with red maggot.

He was fishing at Surrey’s Newdigate Farm, a day ticket fishery with pedigree with the colourful species, along with tench, carp and other species.

Daniel said: “I have only caught a few smaller orfe before.

“My old best was one just over 6 lb last season.

“I have been trying to catch a PB for the past few days.

“Once these two graced the net, my day was done,” Daniel concluded.

At 7 lb 10 oz, this was the biggest of the brace of huge golden orfe.

Golden orfe are the ornamental version of ide, with the Latin name Leuciscus idus.

The British record stands at 8 lb 5 oz caught back in 2000 by Michael Wilkinson at Lymm Vale, Cheshire.

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