GOLDEN ORFE are the brightest fish in UK coarse fishing lakes... and Phil Morton caught this giant to illuminate a recent Angler's Mail print magazine front cover.

Golden orfe have been big fish ace Phil’s target for some time and it was at an undisclosed lake, just before they spawned, that he matted this 7 lb 9 oz 8 dr beauty.

The 39-year-old firefighter from Surrey said: “I have caught all the other golden orfe in this lake over the last couple of seasons, but the largest one had eluded me until now.

“It was caught on a bolt helicopter rig fished on the edge of deep water at 30 yards in bitterly cold conditions.

“Over two days I caught nine of the lake’s golden orfe – which adore strong fishmeal baits.

“Fortunately I timed my visit prior to the tench waking up which would have homed in on the fishmeal bait and spooked the wary orfe.

“The rig was a simple fluorocarbon leader fished helicopter style using sliding float stops either side of a small swivel.

“The hook length was three inches of Kryston 5 lb Incognito to a size 16 Drennan Super Specialist with the barb removed.

“Hook bait was simple maggots dipped in ‘The Juice’. I was trialing Bait-Techs new Big Carp Method Mix ADF fishmeal with added maggots and 2 mm Krill pellets,” added Phil.

Golden orfe stars on AM cover

Phil’s catch made it onto a recent front cover of Angler’s Mail weekly print magazine (above) – Britain’s most interesting coarse and carp publication.

Golden orfe are an interesting species in their own right.

They are the ornamental version of wild ide, found in many parts of northern Europe, and – by accidental stocking – in some English rivers.

The golden orfe has an official British record of 8 lb 5 oz, caught from Lymm Vale in Cheshire by Michael Wilkinson in 2000.

Angler’s Mail has reported on some exceptional ide from rivers too in recent years – check out the link below.

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