DRENNAN INTERNATIONAL sales rep Mike Davidson has caught huge fish of most coarse species but put this 3 lb 3 oz roach straight to the top of the pile.

Mike, from Midhurst, West Sussex, tempted the awesome roach from a southern chalkstream on a short evening session.

The 37-year-old explained: “I achieved a lifetime ambition of mine by catching my first river 3 lb roach.

“After a biteless first hour I switched from bread flake to bread punch and had the fish within 30 seconds. Coincidence maybe, but it certainly did the trick!

“Tackle was a simple light feeder set up with bread mash on my Drennan Acolyte 12 ft Ultra Feeder rod, 4 lb main line, to a 2 lb Supplex fluorocarbon hooklength and a size 12 Drennan wide gape hook.

“It beat my previous best roach of 2 lb 14 oz which is one I always thought I’d struggle to ever beat,” concluded Mike.

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