THIS personal best 34 lb 8 oz pike is a testament to how effective lure fishing in the spring and summer can be.

The personal best fell to the rods of Chris Lowe from a secret Derbyshire stillwater.

The 35-year-old from Birmingham, West Midlands said: “After a 20-year love affair for pike and predator fishing it’s been my goal, or somewhat of an obsession, in search of a 30.

“My PB of 29 lb 8 oz from Blithfield Reservoir, Staffordshire, which I caught on the fly, has lasted me for some 16 years.

“It has without a doubt been my lifelong dream, and after coming so close to breaking my PB on two previous occasions really makes this whole ordeal quite overwhelming.

“With lure fishing being my preferred method I am even more pleased to have caught her on a new lure from the French brand Gunki, which have only recently hit the UK market. The lure in question, the 20 cm G’Bump in the perch pattern.

“She smashes my long-standing PB by 5 lb – it just shows that dreams really can come true you just have to believe,” added Chris.

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