CALLUM MCINERNEY-RILEY was chuffed to claim his first 4 lb-plus perch when he tempted this 4 lb 7 oz beauty on dropshotting gear from Essex’s River Stort.

London-based photographer Callum was dropshotting with a 3 inch Ecogear Rockcraw lure in pearl white.

“I had it in the margins only a few feet in front of me,” he told Angler’s Mail.

“I caught a 1 lb 8 oz fish at first light and then went back to the spot 15 minutes later to hook that monster.

“It was a moment that will stay with me forever. From the second I hooked it I knew it was an absolute lump.

“It tore off and stripped line like a big pike but the take was a solid, confident engulfing of the lure – it’s wasn’t a striking arm-wrencher like you would expect from a pike.

“I kept telling myself it was a pike to keep myself chilled but my heart was in my mouth trying to get that fish in.

“When it hit the surface I could see it was a unit and I just had to hope and pray it didn’t come off.

“Using 6 lb fluorocarbon and 6.8 lb braid with a 2 g dropshot rod make it an intense experience.

“Some 20 years of fishing and it still, on occasions makes me feel like Christmas and birthdays all come at once,” added Callum.

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