REECE LISLE came close to the Yorkshire carp record when he took this 57 lb 3 oz monster from a day ticket water that he was meant to be pike fishing on!

Bradford, West Yorkshire-based Reece, who works for Erics Angling, tackled their own venue Willows Lake when his predator fishing took an unexpected twist.

Reece explained: “Although the pike wasn’t playing ball I spotted a few carp showing round the back of the islands so I quickly geared up and put out a couple of faithful stiff hinge rigs with the new Duster Baits Nut-trix high intense pop-up at the business end.

“After just 15 minutes the rod went into meltdown and it was doing the usual big fish motion of short burst and heavy nods. It wasn’t until I dipped the net under this chunk and see how thick set its shoulders were that it started to sink in this was potentially a new PB.

“After moving her safely to the weighing in area it was at that point confirmed when the needle spun round to 57 lb 3 oz. A new UK PB was in the bag absolutely buzzing and a fish known as Lumpy,” he added.

Willows Lake already hold the county record with a fish called Three Scales at 59 lb 8 oz but that has dropped down in weight, coming out at 51 lb on her last capture.

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