IN A MEMORABLE week for huge bream, a sensational 17 lb 3 oz bream capped-off a session of a lifetime for Gary Walsh.


Gary Walsh

Fishing an undisclosed water, the 56-year-old added others of 16 lb 11 oz, 14 lb, 13 lb 5 oz, 12 lb 5 oz and 12 lb 4oz.

The Oxford-based store supervisor used a home-made Method feeder with a combination of corn and maggot on a size 10 hook to a 6 lb hook link.

Gary told the Mail: “I’d kept an eye on the weather and spotted we were in for some good conditions.

“I opted for the shallows at the venue knowing they would surely be having a good feed before they got ready to spawn.

“The first fish was the big ‘un and I must admit I punched the air once I had her on the bank and what followed was just a bonus.

“I have been an avid big fish angler since my teens and always dreamt about catching a 16 lb plus bream since the halcyon days of seeing all those big fish being caught from Queenford. To have managed that feat some four times is unbelievable!” added Gary, who fed a mix of hemp, dead maggot, corn and pellet for his big hit.

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