THIS huge metre-long grass carp won its captor an unusual national annual fishing competition.


Fergus Kelly caught the unweighed giant grass carp, estimated at way over 20 lb, on an Adams dry fly from a secret water and wins over £100 worth of Turrall fly fishing goodies in the 2014 Fly For Coarse Fish competition.

His catch was hand-picked by the judges of Angler’s Mail magazine columnist John Bailey, No.1 TV star Matt Hayes plus organiser Dom Garnett.

Joint second was an excellent 30 lb Grafham pike for Sam Edmonds and a 4 lb 2 oz to Matt Roberts.

Matt Hayes told Angler’s Mail magazine: “It’s great to see anglers breaking the mould. But this year I’m hoping we see even more new venues and ideas. The key message to the troops is to get out there and try it, use your imagination!”

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