THE river season ended with a string of brilliant chub catches including this stunning 7 lb 2 oz giant to top angling guide Phil Spinks.


Bungay, Norfolk-based Phil took it from a secret local river after switching species.

Phil said: “I’ve done very little chub fishing this winter as I’ve had my pike fishing head on. I managed four pike over 20 lb to brings my tally to 50 20-pounders.

“That’s not a huge amount of 20s compared to some out and out pikers but a personal goal for me.

“After that I decided to have a chance of species for the last trip of the river season.

“The river was running fairly clear, so I went with bread flake in conjunction with a small cage feeder stuffed with liquidised bread.

“Due to high winds it made seeing bites very difficult. After fishing 4-5 different swims I hadn’t noticed any bites at all.

“Finally the first bite came and it was worth the wait. It felt a very heavy fish straight away, doing its best to try and swim underneath some snags on the far bank.

“After a few tense moments I was looking down at a huge chub in my net – and a very big fish for East Anglia,” concluded Phil, who added others of 5 lb 4 oz and 5 lb 10 oz.

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