DARRELL CARTER showed you can, with care, land huge fish on frail tackle... when he managed to tame this huge catfish on ultra light perch tackle.


Experienced big fish angler Darrell hooked the giant catfish at a complex on the Shropshire-Staffordshire border. He brought it to the bank using just a Black Savage 2-12 g rod.

The 46-year-old PR director said: “I accidentally hooked the beast while perching on very light lure tackle including 16 lb braid, a 10 lb fluoro trace, a 12 g Gunki Paddle Tail shad.

“Mid-afternoon I had a take and that started a game of tug-of-war for about 40 minutes.

“I have no way of knowing the actual weight as nothing I had was able to hold the fish, but I would guess around 50 lb.

“My PB is 80 lb, and I’ve seen lots of cats at the 45 lb mark.

“I was very happy with the cat, of course – it was a nice surprise and this season has been pretty special for me.”

Giant catfish tamer Darrell Carter has caught many other fine fish, including this mega tench of 12 lb 2 oz

Giant catfish tamer Darrell Carter has caught many other hefty fish, including this rotund tench of 12 lb 2 oz.

Darrell revealed: “I’ve had tench of 10 lb 7 oz and 12 lb 2 oz,  and a lovely 41 b 2 oz common carp.

“And this winter I’ve now had 12 perch over 3 lb, with two going 4 lb 3 oz and a fish the other week of 4 lb 7 oz.

“I’m now hoping I can bag a nice pike before the season is out,” concluded Ware, Hertfordshire-based Darrell.

Just weeks earlier, Angler’s Mail revealed how match angler Jake Hall tamed a 56 lb sturgeon from South Yorkshire’s Aston Park using a size 16 hook to a 6 lb trace and a feeder rod.

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