HUGE catfish hunters don't come more successful than the guys from Team Black Cat Guiding Tours, who have been re-writing the record books.

30th giant catfish over 220 lb

Ringo Rau landed the 30th giant catfish over 220 lb

On 4 November 2013,  giant catfish aces Stefan Seuß and Benjamin Gründer, celebrated their 20th  specimen over 100 kg (220 lb) landed on one of their guided tours.

Now, four and a half years later, the 30th catfish over the mark has tipped the scales.

Their latest destination was Grande Fiume on the River Po in Italy, which has been one of the premier locations for catfish angling in Europe for many years.

The conditions, combining a full moon, falling water levels and clear water, were also perfect for giant catfish.

Guests Christopher Sachse and Ringo Rau fulfilled their dream of a two-metre fish on the very first night.

By the Wednesday, everybody had a new personal best to their name… and the guides could then experiment.

It’s at times like these that they often like to try micro-underwater floats or even sea baits on a dead-float system.

Giant catfish history on fifth night

Their fifth night delivered a bounty of giant catfish.

Frank Treffkorn hooked one of the giants of the Po and showed it who was in charge in a prolonged battle.

The fish had scarcely been unhooked and released when Ringo Rau had his chance to land a bona fide monster.

Frank and Ringo show two of the giant catfish during the epic trip.

Frank and Ringo show two of the giant catfish during the epic trip.

After a hard fight, Benjamin gripped the outstanding specimen and everybody knew instantly this was the crowning glory they were aiming for.

At 238 cm, according to the tape measure, the 102 kg fish (225 lb 2 oz) was relatively short for its more than considerable length.

The fish, the milestone 30th catfish over 100 kg (220 lb) fell to a hair rig and a 10 g Black Cat EVA U-float.

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