A big common from the ultra Deep Bundy's Pit held aloft for the cameras

FOX media manager Lewis Porter matted this 41 lb 5 oz common known as Hole in the Dorsal from Bundy’s Pit.

Lewis added others of 29 lb, 26 lb, 20 lb 2 oz and 19 lb all commons using Fox Horizon XTK 3 lb t/c with Fox FX11 reels loaded with 16 lb Exocet, 30 lb Illusion leader with Trans Khaki Lead Clip and 5 oz flat pear lead.

He used a Mainline Milky Toffee pop-ups over  9kg of Hybrid boilies.

The Peterborough, Cambridgeshire angler explained: ‘I have been fishing Bundy’s Pit on and off for the past six years now and tend to pick and choose my sessions to suit when I feel I have a good chance at banking one of the big girls.

‘Last week I felt that the weather had cooled enough for the carp to have started to venture down into the deep water on a more regular basis and so I went for a quick overnight session on the Wednesday just to reaffirm myself with the lake and also to get 4kg of free offerings into my fancied swim ready for my return after work on the Friday for the weekend.

‘I didn’t catch anything on the overnighter but I did manage to get my 4 kg of Hybrid boilies into the swim and luckily when I returned on the Friday afternoon the swim was free and so I could move onto stage 2 of my plan.

‘I have the rods all clipped up ready from the mid-week trip so I managed to get them out to the pre-bated spots with minimal fuss. I then put out a further 3 kg of Hybrid across the three rods.

‘Usually when I fish this particular swim I use my beloved hinged pop-up rig but tend to use a supple boom section (normally Camotex Soft), however the area felt much firmer than it did last year so on the left hand rod I decided to take a gamble and swap the boom to Camotex Stiff, my thinking being that the carp in this lake have been heavily pressured on hinged rigs (with supple booms) and white pop-ups since last year so maybe the change to a stiff boom may make the rig a little harder for the fish to eject.

‘When using a coated braid this stiff you have to be very careful when tying knots as the stiff coating can crack, it is therefore vital to tighten knots down gently over the steam from a kettle to ensure the coating beads down neatly. I also upped my lead from 4oz to 5oz as I felt this would aid the anti-eject properties.

‘My first bite came at 3.30am on the Saturday morning resulting in a lovely 26 lb common and it fell to the left-hand rod with the stiff boom. I recast in the dark and then at 7am the same rod was away this time with resulting in a hook pull.

‘Thinking that maybe the stiff boom was the reason for getting both bites on the left rod I quickly reeled the middle rod in and swapped the boom to Camotex Stiff as well.

‘At around 10am the re-cast middle rod was away and after a long, dogged battle I landed what was obviously a real beast of a common carp. She tipped the scales to 41 lb 5 oz and I quickly rested her in the margins and rang Harry Charrington who was fishing 25 minutes away to come and film the awesome creature for the 2014 Fox Edges DVD.

‘Whilst I waited for Harry to arrive I quickly reeled in my right hand rod and swapped the boom on this over to stiff too. The rod had only been back in the lake for 20 minutes when that too rattled off just as Harry was about to film me with the 40!

‘This time resulting in a 19 lb common. It all made for excellent viewing and was all the proof I needed that the ultra stiff boom section was making all the difference. ‘The following 24-hours proved just as productive and I managed a further two commons to 29 lb plus another loss, so I had 7 bites in total, which is very good for this very tough venue,’ Lewis concluded.


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