DAVID GASKIN has been hammering the giant carp at Wellington Country Park - and his latest session was a cracker.

On his latest visit, David found his usual swims full, so just put out a single bait and within an hour tempted another giant carp… an awesome ghostie of 45 lb 8 oz.

After moving the next morning, the Littlehampton, West Sussex-based carper put out a kilo of Odyssey XXX boilies at the £1,500-a year-Berkshire syndicate.

And he then really started to haul…

David explained: “I waited till just before dark to allow the commotion to settle before casting out fresh rigs.

“Shortly after I hooked into a big one and landed a new fish for me, the Small-Tailed Common going 51 lb (pictured below), that is an infrequent visitor to the bank.”

David continued: “The next day I repeated the pattern of feeding early and waiting till late to actually fish.

“At 2 am I had a sprightly 32 lb 4 oz common. Then, at first light, I hooked into something really solid and was thrilled to catch a fish that was at the very top of my wish-list, The Linear at 50 lb 6 oz (pictured, top),” he added.

All the giant carp were caught using a Ronnie rig, with a single CC Moore 12 mm Northern Special boilie. And inbetween the heavyweights, David also tempted a 24 lb sample.

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