MARK CLEGG caught one of the surprises of the season when he matted this carnivorous 14 lb ferox brown tout from a small farm pond in Northumberland that he was fishing for carp.

The 38-year-old painter and decorator from Berwick-upon-Tweed tempted it on the most unorthodox of trout baits…. a Mainline Cell boilie.

Carp favourite, The Cell, caught a huge ferox!

Carp favourite, The Cell, caught a huge ferox!

Mark said: “The lake doesn’t have a name as it’s on a friends farm and I’m the only person that fishes it.

“It’s only about two acres and was stocked years ago with trout and a few carp, but no one has ever caught any thing that size before so I take it it’s an old resident fish.”

Mark added: “It gave me a screaming run and an amazing fight and stripped a lot of line of my reel – I hadn’t a clue what it was!”

The name ‘ferox’ is Latin for ferocious – and Angler’s Mail looked closely at this fine kind of fish in a ferox trout article on this website.

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