JAMES CRAMERI recorded the biggest bream of the season with this 19 lb 3 oz giant.


The massive bream – just below James’s personal best of 20 lb 15 oz – came in a superb catch from a secret lake that included other mid double-figure specimens.

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk-based James told Angler’s Mail: “I started fishing Friday afternoon having prepared my two different areas to fish with a mixture of maggots, casters, pellets and sweetcorn.

“One spot was at 80 yards on a gravel bar, the other at over 100 yards featuring gravel and clay,” added the 46-year-old who works for Greater Anglia trains.

Big bream from both spots

James continued: “The first fish came that afternoon to the long range spot weighing 13 lb 14 oz.

“After dark, the closer rod produced a 14 lb 8 oz bream, and the next morning the long range mark yielded the last two bream of 19 lb 3 oz and 14 lb 2 oz.

“The weather had turned warm after a period of cold winds and the conditions seemed perfect. Needless to say it helped being in the right place at the right time!

“I think I could get a bigger fish from the venue but I’d rather not say a great deal more about the water other than it’s ultra tough.”

James used either fake maggot/caster cocktail or Mainline Pineapple dumbell pop-up boilies. These were fished over 6 mm pellets, sweetcorn, dead red maggots and casters. He boated out six pints of them throughout the trip.

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