A FIRST guided trip to the in-form River Trent in Nottinghamshire resulted in a stunning PB for an angler from the other end of the country.

Richard Easom of top bait firm 3 Foot Twitch took Aaron Choat and Paul Holder out for a night session and Aaron had the stunning 16 lb 10 oz barbel.

Service manager Paul, 31, from Camberley, Surrey, chipped in with a PB chub of 5 lb 15 oz plus a PB barbel of 13 lb 8 oz.

Aldershot, Hampshire-based Aaron, 37, explained: “Although I have caught plenty of barbel on small southern rivers the Trent offered a completely different challenge on our first trip and Richard was a fantastic guide.

“The bite came at 10.35 pm on the downstream rod – it was quite finicky, not the normal huge rod bend I’m used to.

“At first I wasn’t convinced it was a big fish as it came in like a dog on a lead, but once it came within a few rod lengths it really woke up making several deep powerful runs, ripping line off the clutch, until I eventually netted it.

“I rested it until I was satisfied it had recovered enough for weighing and photographs.

“To say I was over the moon was an understatement and Richard was as happy as me.

“A River Trent PB as it was my first Trent barbel, and I carried on the rest of the night but no more luck,” added the Ford car technician.

Spread boilies barbel approach

Richard beamed: “What a night and it seemed to all happen in the space of a five minute spell – carnage ensued.

“After setting up Paul had the chub then two hours went past as expected without a biter but I did assure them both that 10.30pm was the time.

“As we passed the time with a good chat the left hand downstream rod rattled off and quickly asked what’s the time and was told 10.35pm… not bad, five minutes out.

“I knew the area at this time of year would always throw up those fish at that time. The spread approach of boilies and straight lead as I have explained numerous times produces bigger fish and as it was proven.

“As Aaron was playing his fish the other rod went and Paul connected with that one.

“Aaron landed his first and held it in the water with the net whilst Paul got his in his net after a massive tangle with the other line as it came in close to the margins.

“We weighed Aaron’s fish which after zeroing the Avon scales sprung over to 16 lb 10 oz – what a fish!

“After we weighed Paul’s and his sprang over to 13 lb 8 oz – what a brace.

“A fantastic night – great company and memories made! The biggest fish to fall on my guided days and within those five minutes it will give me memories that will last with me forever – love it when a plan comes together,” he concluded.

The giant barbel were caught using 3 Foot Twitch Redemption and Furter boilies, with terminal tackle consisting of Bank Tackle size 6 wide gape hook and 15 lb Korda NTrap, with a 6 oz straight lead.

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