THE Get Hooked on Fishing bigwigs were out in force over the August Bank Holiday festival but it was the enthusiastic youngsters of today who planted their rods and poles firmly in Leicestershire’s magnificent The Glebe fishery on the Saturday. And they laughed their way to hooking fish after fish in double-quick time.

The event was an opportunity to thank the young Peer Mentors for their help, support and commitment during the last year and also to raise awareness of the valuable work the charity does across the UK.

Glebe owner Roy Marlow and his Marukyu Pro Team led this charging brigade on Pools 1 & 6. The fishing was difficult on a day which started with baking heat, turning to rain, thunder and lightning but ‘keepnets’ full of enthusiasm and commitment were evident all round throughout the day and some huge smiles definitely brightened up the weigh-in!

The young rods had descended upon The Glebe from far away, transported and backed-up all the way by a team of Get Hooked on Fishing helpers. They came from Teesside, Merseyside, Tyneside and ‘local’ NE Lincolnshire, not just to sample the delicious breakfast served up but, in some cases, to taste our great sport of fishing for the very first time.

Well, at least coarse fishing, as some of the lads from Merseyside were more accustomed to catching flounders from the Mersey Estuary. Roy insisted that his precious carp and skimmers were definitely not going to be wrapped in brown overcoats and deep fried… even if one intrepid youngster had brought along a pack of oven chips ready to go!

Every boy and girl – yes, girls do Get Hooked on Fishing too – caught plenty as the day progressed. And with some excellent coaches to help each “team”, why wouldn’t they?

Of course, an ample supply of Marukyu baits and tinned sweetcorn, (that which wasn’t devoured by the youngsters who have much to learn about the art of “feeding”), did help the cause. And even in a bit of a breeze, the resident fish didn’t object to the odd wayward cast or float travelling in circles!

“Cheeky-Chappy” Kiegan Burnicle “GHoF Young Person Award” and top weight on the day, with His Honour Judge John Milford QC and GHoF new Chief Executive Sarah Collins.

Leader of the pack on the day was the diminutive Kiegan Burnicle from Tyneside, who after being mesmerised by cruising carp in peg 86 on Pool 6, decided he was going to catch some.

“These two are going nowhere!” – Kiegan Burnicle, top rod on the day.

And he did, loads, for a total weight of 41lb 8oz, having never landed a coarse fish before in his 11-year-old life!

Danny Lambrends’ second place catch

One rung down the ladder was 17-year-old Danny Lambrends from Merseyside, and this teenage scouser netted 39lb 8oz of carp and allsorts from peg 15 on Pool 1.

Sam Abols 3rd place on the day “15 minutes worth of elastic-stretching Ghostie!”

In third place was 16-year-old Sam Abols, also from Merseyside, who tamed 37lb 4oz of prime fish from Pool 1, peg 1, including a last gasp specimen that ripped elastic from his pole for a full 15 minutes! But let’s not forget the ladies, and young Paige Wardle from Teesside bagged a handsome 26lb 12oz from peg 23 on Pool 1, and also added a few admirers with her obvious angling skills. A young lady to watch: take note.

Paige Wardle – young lady going places.

Here’s a mention for the rest of our young anglers of the future who are now all well and truly “Get Hooked on Fishing”:

David Ball (Merseyside) 16lb 12oz

Jonathan Doyle (Merseyside) 22lb 8oz

Liam Dover (Tyneside) 20lb 0oz

Daniel Tull (Teesside) 22lb 4oz

Bradley Lytoillis (NE Lincs.) 26lb 12oz

Ellis Kitchen (NE Lincs.) 18lb 12oz

Kyle Flory (Teesside) 28lb 0oz

Trophies galore were awarded, far too many to mention in full here. The GHoF Outstanding Contribution Award  went to Simon Short (adult helper from NE Lincs) who returned to fishing only 3 months ago after not wetting a line since childhood, but was prepared to support GHoF and fish in the event alongside experienced youngsters and talented adults.  He contributed admirably to his team’s overall weight of 268 lb 12 oz.  What a star!!

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