Pick up your copy of this week's Angler's Mail (issue dated 20 October) and receive a FREE Ultralight Lure fishing guide from HTO, Tronix.

ULTRALIGHT LURE FISHING in its new modern format has developed quite quickly over the last five or six years in Northern Europe, and the UK and Ireland have been right at the forefront of this.

Part of the reason for the rapid growth and popularity is its simplicity, mobility and lack of vast amounts of tackle. A rod, reel and a small bag with a few lures and bits of tackle is really all you need to arrive at a mark and be fishing within a few minutes and, more often than not, catching fish right from the off.

In this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine we’ve teamed up with HTO, a UK brand from the guys at TronixFishing, to provide you with the ultimate lure fishing guide to get you started on this trend. Filled with how-to instructionals and top tips you don’t want to miss this issue!

Check out their blog on landing perch this autumn using a different tactic – kayak fishing. Find more advice on drop shotting, jigging and tackle you need to have in your kit box inside this week’s issue – On sale now!

HTO Lure fishing guide