SPECIMEN ace Fred Healey showed his class with this fine 12 lb 14 oz bream and bonus 36 lb mirror carp.


Fred Healey, who is still getting back into the swing of it after lengthy hospital treatment, scored at an ultra hard Lea Valley 60 acre gravel pit.

Uckfield, East Sussex-based Fred, 71, used a block-end feeder to presented a lobworm on a size 6 hook.

Fred explained: “I had a right mixed bag of fish. My main goal was to catch a nice bream.

“I also had several carp up to 36 lb, two small catfish about 2 lb, three to about 2 lb and one male tench at 7 lb 4 oz.

“After recovering from sepsis, I really struggled to lift and hold the larger fish including the carp but I got there in the end.”

This big carp featured in Fred Healey’s latest big catch.


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