JAMES LEWIS didn’t let four blank carp fishing days put him off during a week at Devon’s Anglers Paradise – and then he ended up with two stunning two personal bests.

The 36-year-old police officer, from Chessington, Surrey, first smashed his old 29 lb 5 oz PB with a 40 lb 2 oz mirror before this 50 lb mirror, to wrap up a dream session at Anglers Paradise.

James said: “Having fished the first four days with no real success, not even a sniff from the usual hungry cats… other than a 4 lb eel which was a PB.

“I decided if I was going to blank why not blank at least with the chance of beating my carp PB. So I decided to pay the extra money to fish the Kracking Carp Lake which is a day ticket but stocked with carp up to 55 lb.”

The Kracking Carp Lake at Anglers Paradise in Devon - it lives up to its name!

The Kracking Carp Lake at Anglers Paradise in Devon – it lives up to its name!

“Three hours later I broke breaking my new 40 lb PB. Then I had the 50 lb mirror on the nose,” continued James.

“Both mirrors were caught on pop-up artificial prawns and sweetcorn in the middle of lily pads about two rod lengths out on a running lead where I had seen the fishing moving around earlier,” he concluded.

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