RICHIE LEAT had a dream session when he netted four 40 lb carp in a single night.

40 lb carp catches are rarely as special as this one. Richie had a 40 lb 10 oz common, a 41 lb 10 oz mirror, a 42 lb 4 oz mirror called the Football Lin (above)… and finally the 41 lb Scar Common (below).

And the action didn’t end there as he added three 20 lb fish in the same night.

Wiltshire-based Richie was on Hampshire’s in-form New Forest Water Park syndicate lake when he made the incredible catch of 40 lb carp.

Richie’s end-tackle and bait was interesting too, and rather different…

He explained: “Two of the forties were caught on zigs the other two on Dynamite Monster Tiger Nut pop-up boilies tipped with 18 real maggots balanced with split shot on bait floss hair.

“I fished multi-rigs so the hook sits flat and boilie wafts above and over a stick mix at 17 wraps.

“The stick mix is made with Tigernut and CompleX-T boilies ground to mostly powder but leaving few whole and chopped.

“To this is added Tigernut and CompleX-T pellets, Frenzied Hemp plus four pints of maggots, Sweet Tiger liquid and a healthy squirt of all the new Evolution Oils.

“This is all left to soak for 24 hours beforehand,” he revealed.

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