AFTER a full festive season of booze and far too much turkey and mince pies anglers are being advised to watch their waistline.

Anglers, especially those who go on long sessions, are notoriously bad for eating junk but that’s soon to come to an end with a series of shows.

The first Bigfishtv Cooking on the Bank demonstration will be at the Brentwood Carp Show in Essex on Saturday, January 29 and Sunday, January 30.

Fronted by Masterchef of Great Britain, Scott Ratcliffe, it will offer anglers the chance to ditch the dross and start rustling up some proper grub.

Dom Morgan of Bigfishtv said: ‘When it comes to cooking on the bank most of us are more Ginsters than Worrell-Thompson’s and it’s no wonder the lakes of Great Britain are surrounded by a plethora of lethargic, shivering and malnourished anglers this time of year.

‘If we were to quiz the average carper about food science, the benefits of key nutrients and slow burning carbohydrates chances are we’d be politely told to f-off as Mr Bivvy Boy settled down into his bedchair with yet another Bombay Bad Boy and a side helping of Frazzles.

‘Without labouring on the scientifics of healthy eating, it is common knowledge that the human body needs certain ingredients to perform properly: a balanced diet of proteins, carbs and vitamins to power the mind, body and soul. Now most of us have this amazing invention known as the wife who magically serves up a plate of these essential fuels on a daily basis, but when we pack up the van and venture forth on our latest PB hunt that’s all left behind and all we’re left with is a bag full of treats and a few days of rapidly diminishing health and well-being.

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