THE venue hosting this year's big money Fishomania final have spoken up in favour of glamour girls being at the event.

As Angler’s Mail revealed, Fishomania organisers Matchroom confirmed there is a big doubt that glamour girls would be present this year.

The contest is a massive draw for anglers, and is covered by Sky Sports each year with all-day coverage of the finals.

But like Sky’s darts and motor-racing, and indeed other sports, the chance of glamour girls gracing the main angling stage is now unlikely.

There is currently a ticket rush for Fishomania qualifiers held around the country, starting on March 14.

The 2018 Fishomania final will be hosted by Hayfield Lakes in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, on July 14.

Noelie Goforth, who co-owns Hayfield with her husband Robin, told Angler’s Mail: “We would be more than happy to have the girls walking round our fishery again this year.

“I used to be a model working in PR and enjoyed it immensely. There is nothing wrong with a woman or a man for that matter using their attractiveness to earn a good living.

“The models aren’t exploited and aren’t stupid – look at me, I have gone on to run one of the best commercial fisheries in the country.”

Hayfield Lakes hosts angling two richest annual finals.

Noelie continued: “Even older women like me appreciate how lovely the girls are and how they add some glamour to a largely male event.

“It’s not at all distracting to the anglers – to be honest we could be stood there stark naked and they wouldn’t even bat an eye-lid as they are so focussed on the fish.

“I don’t know where all this political correctness is going to end, perhaps they will ban cheerleaders next,” she added.

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