CONCERN is growing about the welfare of a fishing holiday company boss who has gone missing in Spain.


Martin Walker owns Catfish Capers which expertly organises fishing holiday sessions on the River Ebro. He has not been seen or heard from since March 4.

Fellow anglers and Oxfordshire’s Linear Fisheries have been sharing the concern on social media in the hope that someone will know be able to shed light on Martin’s whereabouts.

Martin’s son Jonny Walker explained: “My dad was last seen on March 4 when he left the Fisherman’s Friend bar he runs in Caspe in north-eastern Spain, and as far as I’m aware no one knows where he went on leaving.

“One of the company’s vehicles is also unaccounted for. There has been no news since and our family are sick with worry.

“Dad is a severe diabetic and has to self-inject himself with insulin and had also told several people recently that he was depressed.

“He is normally on Facebook all the time yet hasn’t been online since the day he went missing.

“This is totally out of character, he has clients fishing in Spain this week and he hasn’t made contact to check up on the business.

“I’ve contacted the British Embassy and the local police know – they have searched the river with a helicopter.

“We would ask that anyone who might see him or has any information to let us know as soon as possible,” concluded the Hampshire based river keeper.

Martin, 58, is originally from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, and used to be a kitchen consultant at Magnet before he established the Catfish Capers fishing holiday business in 1998.

As well as the guided fishing and the bar/cafe, the company can offer a variety of accommodation.

It also prides itself on providing an excellent guiding experience with a high catch rate – during the summer customers can typically expect between 8-25 fish per group per day.

Their best-ever haul for a fishing holiday group was 102 cats (35 over the ton) in a single day.

On the very day of Martin’s disappearance one customer, Paul Meredith, landed a 199 lb specimen.

Anyone with any information should contact Jonny Walker via email at

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